I found the rest of that Mass Effect comic while rifling around in old piles of art, so I figure I should just get over myself and post it. Even though it’s JUST as badly written (and stiff and melodramatic) as I remember! Oh well, it was what it was, and I have enough recent work to feel awkward and embarrassed about that I can probably stand to let this one go.

Even as I was drawing this, I hadn’t decided whether or not I was going to have Shepard die in the end. Either way, I just wanted that damn ending to make sense.

Guysss, guy. Seriously. guys! This is a comic Marian did for fun after not liking the end of the game she was playing. not to brag but Marian is my favorite person. The hissing recluse that I married is the coolest dude. 



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90s Movies On YouTube!

If you like this list follow movie for more like it!